Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Orientation for residency starts on Monday and in preparation I have been reading a couple of training manuals - PALS and NRP. Matt was kind enough this afternoon to watch Isidora while I got some good reading in, that is until Isidora climbed up the stairs and poked her little hands out the cat door and started saying, "heh-oo?" (hello). She was very excited to see her mama again but she was also excited to ask for a "kee-koo pees?" (cookie please). After Daddy got her a cookie, she decided to climb up on my chair with me to do some reading.

Sitting nicely while Mommy reads some PALS out loud.

This is boring, Mommy, where are the pictures?

I will miss all the time I get to spend with my little Goo-Goo Bean!

In case you were wondering, the swivel chairs were great for reading!

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