Saturday, September 25, 2010


So as I am sure everyone can tell, I have been pretty busy. Taking call every fourth night sure does take a toll on blogging! I have been having a great time at work and I really do love being there, even though it is pretty exhausting.

Here is a brief update on Isidora - she can now count from 1 to 12 (!) and she says "I love you too kisses!" when I tell her, "I love you." She is more active and playful than ever (of course). She most definitely has her own opinions about what she wants and when she wants it. Her favorite things right now are trains, Toy Story ("Woody Jessie Buzz!") and Goodnight Moon ("nigh-night moo-nah").

She and Daddy are having a pretty good time at home, though she can sure be a handful at times. And, she is finally transitioning to afternoon naps! It's about time!

Anyway, hopefully I can convince Matt (and myself) to keep up some more frequent updates.

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