Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week we all went down to Houston so I could take Step 2 Clinical Skills, which is a test required to get your license to practice medicine in the US. It is an 8 hour long test during which you see 12 simulated patients and write notes about your encounter. There are only 5 centers in the country which hold the test and Houston is one of them.

So, since I had to take the test anyway, we decided to make a vacation out of it, and visit the Tavares' and our lovely goddaughter, Clare! While we were there, we had a great time and did all sorts of fun things in Houston.

Isidora and Clare having fun playing around the house.

Little girls with ashes on Ash Wednesday.

We took a walk to a park after my test on Thursday. Clare was having a stunning hair day :)

Isidora took a nap.

We went to the Houston Zoo on Friday and saw some fish.

And played with the elephant.

On Saturday we went to the Children's Museum of Houston and Isidora made a phone call.

And she talked to Clare and Kelly.

They went to the market.

And overall had a really great time!

Thanks again to the Tavares family! We had a fabulous stay.

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