Sunday, October 31, 2010


Last year for Halloween we were in Oregon and Izzie was still too little to go out and Trick-or-Treat. This year, we were pretty sure that she would be interested.

A few weeks ago we ordered her costume online - a Jessie costume from Toy Story! She has really enjoyed watching Toy Story ever since we went to see her first movie - Toy Story 3.

We were a little worried she wouldn't want to wear the costume, but after a successful dry run yesterday, everything went pretty smoothly.

We decided to go over to Matt's parent's house for Halloween as our street doesn't seem to have many kids nor decorate for Halloween. It ended up being a good choice because the street was completely empty when we got back home this evening.

Izzie ended up having a great time and even kept wanting to go back out! She was pretty cute and even occasionally said "trick or treat." Mostly, she just said "oh, welcome!" when she was supposed to say "thank you." Oh well. She did throw in an occasional "bye bye" and a "see you later" now and then, which was pretty cute.

On to the pictures!

Izzie waiting for her chance to go out while another neighborhood grandkid stops by.

Izzie's turn! She insisted upon carrying that Ty pumpkin around.

Getting some candy!

Check out what I got everyone!

It was pretty successful overall!

Matt is afraid she will want to go Trick-or-Treating tomorrow.


  1. Oh how I miss that little goo!!!! Thanks for the pic! =)

  2. She looks like she had a blast. Now let's see if she wants to go out tonight!!