Sunday, November 7, 2010


As mentioned previously, I have started to really get into baking, specifically cookies. I have been bringing in anywhere from 2-4 batches of cookies into work per week for the last 3 and 1/2 months now. It has been getting pretty fun! When I am not able to make cookies for a couple of nights, I even start to go through cookie withdrawal :(

My inspiration has been coming from this book. While not every recipe works exactly as billed (the s'mores cookies were a pain), almost every cookie I have made from here is awesome!

Today, I made cookies called "top-heavy heavenly hash." I have to say, they look pretty impressive! The chocolate cookie on the bottom is crisp and crunchy with marshmallows and walnuts and chocolate chips piled on top. They were surprisingly light!

I made these cookies a couple of weeks ago, entitled "lemon ginger cookie sandwiches." These may be the most impressive cookies I have made so far. Also very yummy.

The other thing I have been baking pretty consistently are biscuits. These are Betty Crocker's biscuits with 1 cup of Tillamook cheddar cheese added in. Oh man are these a great breakfast!

The best part is that Izzie still likes to help me "mak-a coo-kies a-day!"

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