Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Over the last few months, the number of words Isidora says has seemed to explode! Sometimes I feel like she is learning a new word every day (though I know that is not true!) Her new word of today was "bubble." While Isidora was taking a bath, I took some of the soap suds from her shampoo and put them into one of her little tea cups that she has. She decided that was pretty neat. It's amazing how long something like that can entertain a little one.

Anyway, another one of her more recent word additions was "banana," only it comes out "nana" when Izzie says it! Not only does Isidora say, "banana," she loves eating them! Here is a little video of Isidora eating and holding a banana:

My favorite thing is that she really likes to take "big girl bites" - aka she will eat a whole piece of the banana rather than taking little chunks out of it! I think this was the first time she actually held the banana to eat it. She did a pretty good job!

PS: Tomorrow is match day. I find out sometime after 11 am where we will be going for residency!

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