Saturday, March 20, 2010

New shoes

Yesterday, we went to the mall with Becky and Juanita. Macy's was having a big baby sale and I recently found a gift card we had from being in the Star Rewards program from our wedding. So, of course Isidora needed even more clothes than she already has! We ended up finding her a super cute dress and sweater from Carter's (which I LOVE), as well as a couple more summer outfits and a fall outfit.

While we at the mall, Becky wanted to stop in the Crocs store because one of her pairs of shoes recently broke somehow and she wanted to see if there was anything to do to fix it. Apparently while I was looking at some cheap sunglasses at a center kiosk, Juanita decided to buy Izzie some new Crocs, complete with jibbitz!

Pink Crocs with some jibbitz of animals that she knows - elephant, monkey, cow and sheep!

These are great! I can chew on them too!

Check out my new kicks Papa!

Actually, I entered the store to Isidora screaming because they were taking off one pair of Crocs that were too big to try on a pair of smaller ones. She had to have them at that point. Oh well.

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