Thursday, March 11, 2010

Izzie and the Dinosaurs

Since Bree had the afternoon off, we decided to take Isidora to the St. Louis Science Center. This is yet another place in town that I went to all the time as a kid. It started off in the round "volcano-looking" building at the southern edge of Forest Park, and then expanded into a much larger building across Oakland Avenue. There is even a bridge spanning Highway 40 (which is really Interstate 64) connecting the two buildings. The old building is now the Planetarium and has some really cool stuff from the space program, including a couple Mercury capsules (I think).
The museum itself has changed a lot over the years, with whole sections moved around and redone. Most of it was a little over Izzie's head, but some of it she found fun, especially the dinosaur exhibit which was going on.

Izzie watching cars go by on the highway through the plexiglass in the bridge.

Here we see her helping us demonstrate the structural integrity of arches.

T. Rex was pretty big.

Young T. Rex is still kinda big; Izzie is not impressed by Daddy's T. Rex impersonation.

Izzie eavesdropping.

This was kind of cool. One of the focuses of the exhibit is that recent discoveries indicate that a lot of dinosaurs had more bird-like characteristics than previously assumed. This is a comparison of how they used to believe Velociraptor looked (right) to how they now believe it looked (left).

O hi T Rex, g2g k thanx bye!!1

Izzie trying to share some of her snacks with Triceratops.

That's all for now. Obviously we will be coming back to the Science Center often. Did I mention that, as with many great attractions in Forest Park, admission is free? No, they're not paying me to say that, I'm just a dork.

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