Friday, March 5, 2010

Daddy bit my finger

Isidora has had the same bathtime routine for several months now. After dinner, she takes a bath in her little bathtub (it takes too long to fill the regular bath), where she plays with her letters and her bathtime book. Here we also give her vitamins and brush her teeth! During the week, sometimes we Skype with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Brian back in Oregon (which Izzie loves).

Usually during her bath, Isidora calls for her Daddy to come visit her. Actually she yells, "dad-dy!" pretty loudly throughout the apartment until Matt comes to see her.

Sometimes they play peak-a-boo.

Found you, Daddy!

Here, have some bath water!

Unfortunately, while they were playing, there was a little accident reminiscent of this little boy.

I think she still loves him though.

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  1. Oh that is very sad. Did Matt recover??