Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being silly

Today was a pretty busy, but was also full of silliness. This morning, my mom (who is visiting from Portland) and my sister, Katee came over because we were going to go out shopping for Katee's dress for her wedding. Matt and I had received a package last night that had lots of bubble wrap in it so this morning Katee decided Isidora needed to jump on all of the left over bubble wrap!

What is this stuff Auntie Katee?


Action shot!

Then later on this evening, Isidora found her snowman outfit that Auntie Becky bought for her last year when she was still itty bitty. Over the past several months she has occasionally rediscovered it and wanted it on - which is very funny. She decided that she wanted it on again today, but she is now way too big for it - it is only a 0-9 months outfit and she is almost 16 months! So we worked out a solution!

Check me out everybody! I'm a snowman!

We only put her head and arms in! It seemed to satisfy her!

This is from the first time we put the snowman outfit on her when she was one month old and was not very fond of it.

This is from October (11 months) when she first rediscovered the snowman outfit. We could still zip her all the way into it back then.

PS: if you are having trouble viewing the links, they are the videos I have up on Facebook which you can see from my profile.

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