Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Isidora's loveys

Since Isidora was born, she has been very attached to a collection of cloth diapers/burp cloths that were embroidered by my aunt Dawn and another set that were embroidered by my aunt Elaine (though this set was mine when I was a baby).

We used them to clean spit up and to keep her from getting a milk rash when she was nursing when she was a baby baby (aka an infant). As she got older, we noticed that she really liked to grab them and rub them against her face. Now, they are her loveys, and she is very protective of them:

Actually, she usually only gets one at a time and they are used for naps or if she wants to carry one around the house. On this occasion, she got into the little basket where they are kept and decided to get all of them out.

She is pretty funny.

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