Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bath time at Nanny and Papa's

This last weekend, Isidora decided to have a poop-tastrophy (aka: blow out). It has actually been quite a while since she has done this, but oh well. So, it was decided that Isidora needed a bath, and when we are at Nanny and Papa's house (Matt's parents), this means the sink!

We decided to leave the water on to let Isidora play with it. She decided it would be fun to drink.

The little tea cup and spoon she is playing with is from a cooking set that her Nanny just bought for her. She had so enjoyed the tea set that my aunt Elaine bought for her for Christmas, Juanita decided to buy her the meal set for their house. Yes, I realize they are "green", which I don't particularly care about, but they are great toys! And Isidora absolutely loves them!

And finally, just for fun. Here is a picture from May, when Isidora was almost 6 months old. She is in the small sink this time. :)

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