Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before and after: family room

We didn't really have a family room in our apartment, we only had a living room that was more of a multi-purpose room. In our new house, we have a finished basement where we have put a family room (as well as an office, Izzie's play area, and a guest area to be discussed later).

Here is a shot of our family room from the stairs. The door leads into our laundry room and the hallway leads back to the second bathroom.

This is the new sectional we bought from Weekends Only (I am starting to feel like a broken record). The striped pillows are the accent pillows that came with the sectional, while the dotted pillows are the ones that came with the sofa in the living room. Matt and I already love this sofa and it is so comfortable.

Here is a shot of the room from the entrance to the office area. In the window nook you can see Matt's shrine to the Cardinals. The recliner is another new purchase that we already love that amazingly enough goes perfectly with both sets of accent pillows.

This is a shot showing the passage to the office, with Izzie's play area in the unseen corner on the right.

That's all for now! More to come soon...

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