Friday, May 21, 2010

Before and after: office

An office is another thing we didn't really have in our apartment. Our bedroom was another obligatory multi-purpose room where we also had our office and a play area for Isidora. Fortunately, our bedroom was fairly large in our old apartment, and we did have room for two book shelves and two desks in addition to our bed and dresser.

This is a shot of Matt's desk in the corner of our bedroom. Again this was right before we moved so nothing is picked up. You can see one of the doors to our bathroom in the middle of the picture.

Here is a picture of my desk, which almost always looked this messy.

In our new house, we didn't want our bedroom to continue to be more than a bedroom, and our finished basement offered the opportunity to move all other activities out. So here is our new office:

This was taken from the edge of the family room (you can see the sectional accent pillow in the bottom left corner). Izzie's play area is to the right, Matt is sitting at his desk (obviously) and my desk is on the right (which was my desk in college which I purchased at Ikea).

Here is a close-up of Matt's new desk (again from Weekends Only, of course), with the Death Star in the background. The two book shelves were previously in our bedroom and prior to that were in Matt's room at his parents' house.

We both like having our desks away from our bedroom and actually having a space to have an office. It allows us to not just sit at our computers all day because the things we want to do (eat, watch some tv, play with Izzie) are in other locations of the house. I feel like I have spent far less time on my computer since we have moved in, and not just because I have been busy unpacking.

Still left on the before and after list: our bedroom, Izzie's bedroom, the bathrooms, the guest area, the kitchen, and our yard.

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