Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Apparently I graduated from medical school last Thursday, which means I am a doctor. I can't think of many other things that are more terrifying to me (yet pretty exciting at the same time.) A bunch of my family were able to make the trip from the northwest to see me graduate. And my Saint Louis family was able to make it as well.

Part of our goal with the move was to be moved in by graduation. And, thanks to a lot of help from Becky (taking care of Izzie) and the rest of the family, we were able to be moved in enough to host a brunch at our house. Since Matt and I have been married, we haven't had the opportunity to get out our china and I thought, what better time than graduation!

Here is a shot of everything laid out before we began. We had bagels with gravlacks (cured salmon, made by Grant) and fruit salad, as well as coffee and mimosa (or just orange juice). I had a great time getting out the china and making everything pretty - I hope I can get it out more often!

This is a shot of the gravlacks plated. It was a big hit!

After brunch, we headed over to the Chaifetz Arena for graduation (School of Medicine Precommencement).

Here we are reciting the Hippocratic Oath, which I feel is the moment when we became physicians. It is interesting how the oath has changed over the years, the Wikipedia article I linked to actually gives a good synopsis of what has changed.

Here is Isidora at graduation, proud of her Mommy.

With Mom and Dad outside Chaifetz Arena after graduation.

I thought our hoods looked pretty neat - the green is for medicine and the blue and white inside are the colors of Saint Louis University.

After graduation we headed over to Grant and Juanita's house for some dinner... and more pictures.

The three Whitney girls!

The table set up for dinner - well, three tables set up for dinner. We had my favorite, beef tenderloin!

I am so blessed to have had so much family come visit to share this special day with me! Thanks again to all that made the trip out and to everyone that helped with the house!

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  1. Awesome job Bree! Thank you so much for sharing your day with us! Congratulations!