Thursday, May 27, 2010

Before and after: our bedroom

As I have mentioned before, our bedroom in our apartment was more of a multi-purpose room than a bedroom. It also doubled as our office with both of our desks and two book shelves, as well as a play area for Isidora (but then again, what wasn't a play area for Isidora in our apartment?). The only reason we could fit this much into our room was because it was a huge room.

One of the things Matt and I have focused on in the new house is having adult spaces and kid spaces, and this was one of the places that I think we made a huge improvement.

Here is a before picture - you can see Matt's desk, the door to the bathroom, Isidora's play area, and our television. There is just sooo much stuff in this room!

Here is a shot of the bed and part of my desk. Again, stuff everywhere.

In our new house, while our new bedroom is fairly large, I am pretty sure it is a little smaller than the one in our apartment. However, there is no office or play area or anything like that. It is just a bedroom!

Here is our bedroom as seen from the door. We have two sets of windows in our room, this set looks out into our back yard. The pictures above our bed were in our entryway in our apartment, and with the addition of some inexpensive frames, now adorn our bedroom.

This is looking at the wall that faces the bed, where we have my dresser. We also put my wooden chest in here that used to be in the living room (you couldn't see it because of Isidora's stuff) and we purchased a new hamper and trash can for the room (our old hamper was in our closet and was the one I had from college, not very attractive).

This was taken from the other side of the room, looking at Matt's dresser which belonged to his parents. It was sitting out in their garage and was used as Ben's work bench. It will be nice to have such a beautiful piece of furniture in our room!

Here is the final corner of our bedroom, with the door to our closet and another view of my dresser. Both sets of curtains and rods were in our old apartment (one set in the bedroom, one in the living room).

Here is a shot of our closet before we filled it up with clothes. It is kind of an odd arrangement, but it has worked well so far - we put the clothes we use more often in the front, and things like dresses, suits and off-season stuff in the back. Most importantly, it is much bigger than our old closet, and our clothes are no longer spilling over into the coat/linen closet.

Not much more to go - only Isidora's room and the yard remain :)

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  1. Yes, the old bedroom is bigger than the new one, but at least you have all the privacy you need there and everything looks organized. Your stuff should be properly distributed by now. It looks amazing and relaxing with the blue theme and big windows. Since the house is new, any plans of replacing the old mattress? It looks new though. How old is it?

    The Mattress Department