Monday, May 24, 2010

Before and after: the kitchen

I think our kitchen is the one of the biggest improvements we have made in moving to our new house. In our apartment, our kitchen didn't even comfortably fit two people. Not only did it not have a dishwasher, it didn't have a garbage disposal. While that wasn't too big of a deal when it was just Matt and I, it became pretty annoying once Isidora was around. We had so little counter space there that Matt and I pretty much stopped cooking - it was simply too difficult. Instead, we ate soup, sandwiches, or pasta if we were lucky.

Here is our old kitchen - I am standing at the entrance, so you can kind of get an idea of how small it is. Everything in our kitchen is small - you can see that the refrigerator is a smaller than normal one (I am taller than it). The counter in the middle of the picture is the only counter space we have.

This was our stove/oven. Again, it is an efficiency stove so it is smaller than normal - but it is a gas stove and oven which was nice.

Here is the sink and drying rack - again, nothing fancy.

While our new kitchen isn't huge, it is a big improvement. It was recently renovated with a ceramic tile floor and custom cabinets.

This is a shot of the kitchen from the entry from the dining room. As you can see, we have already made a big improvement in the counter space department.

This was taken from the entrance to the mud room (Isidora's play room). I really like the black appliances, the stainless steel sink and the grey counter tops.

This is the new kitchen table we purchased from Weekends Only. It has worked really well so far and I love the white with wood look - I think it goes so well with the look of the kitchen. The plate on the wall was a wedding present from some family friends of Matt's, and I really like the way it fit in this room.

One thing that Matt and I had discussed before we moved to the new place was how many and where we wanted televisions. We decided that we only wanted two televisions in the house - one in the family room and one in the kitchen. We also decided that the only way we were going to fit a television in the kitchen was to get a flat screen and mount it on the wall - so here is the result. The butcher block was in our old kitchen at the apartment and I like that we can display our Le Creuset cookware on the shelf underneath it.

Here is a bonus shot looking straight through the kitchen from the dining room with the door to the basement on the left.

The best things about our new kitchen:
- When we wake up in the morning (aka when Isidora wakes us up in the morning) to make breakfast, I can sit and watch the news while I drink my coffee.
- We sit at a table to eat again.
- We can both be preparing food in the kitchen at the same time.
- We have full-sized appliances (Matt keeps losing things in the fridge).
- We both feel inspired to cook again - that may be the best part.

Only 4 more before and after posts to go! - our bedroom, Izzie's room, our bathroom and the yard.


  1. I like all of the before and afters! Life in a house is certainly better :)