Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before and after: (master) bathroom

Our old bathroom in our apartment had its charm. What it didn't have was storage, which I really started to dislike after a while. The bathroom also had two doors - one to our bedroom and one into the hallway where Izzie's crib was that led to the living room.

Here you can see our old bathroom. I really liked the bathroom set we had as well as our towels and everything. I just didn't like the lack of storage.

In our new house, we no longer have a connected bathroom, but it is only about 4 feet away. Also, since we have a bathroom in the basement, it can act as a master bathroom fairly easily. This bathroom was also recently renovated and ceramic tile flooring and a custom tile surround in the shower.

Here is a shot of the bathroom we took when we were first looking at the house. You can kind of get a glimpse at the tile in the shower.

Because the walls in the new bathroom were mauve, and we decided we liked the color, we went ahead and purchased a new bath set and new towels. Plus, check out all the storage!

Here is a closer look at the bath set. We bought brown and sea foam towels and we really like them so far. I am really happy with how everything has turned out in here!

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