Monday, May 17, 2010

Before and after: Isidora's play area

I decided that the best way to introduce our new house was going to be by comparing what we had in our old apartment and what we now have in the house. Now that we have pretty much gotten everything unpacked and the house is (mostly) in order, I have a little time now and then to sit down and post about all that we have done!

I am going to start with Isidora's play areas. Before, essentially our entire apartment became a play area for Isidora. There simply wasn't a ton of space. We did have two areas that were specifically for Izzie, though:

At the foot of our bed we had a quilt on the floor with some pillows and a storage ottoman filled with her toys. Isidora played here a lot, especially while we checked our email, since our bedroom also doubled as our office.

Isidora's other play area was in the living room, where we had a storage area with fabric bins to keep some of her stuff. Really, though, it wasn't stuff she was supposed to play with, it was her food, extra Boppy pillow covers, bottle liners, and other things we hadn't used for months.

This is Isidora's new play area in the basement. This is the same storage shelf from before, but now with 8 bins instead of 4, and her toys are in there rather than just stuff for her. It certainly makes clean-up a snap! Also, our desks are still close by, as well as the living area (to be introduced later), so there area lots of things to do down here.

Isidora's other new play area is the mud room off of the kitchen. She has her little kitchen that Matt's parents bought for her for her birthday... well as her storage ottoman with a bunch of toys inside that used to be at the foot of our bed. As you can see, it is also our kitchen appliance and food overflow, and it also has our recycle bins (yay, we can recycle again!)

This room is really neat and has windows on three sides - it will be a great place for her to play! More to come soon :)

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