Friday, April 2, 2010

Daddy's scratchy face

Recently, Isidora has become interested in Matt shaving every morning. This has led to frequent episodes of Izzie getting to feel Daddy's "scratchy face." I think maybe Isidora was reminded by a part in Pat the Bunny where Judy gets to feel her daddy's scratchy face.

It is definitely pretty cute - Izzie will walk around feeling her face then she will reach up to feel Matt's face. Sometimes it is more of a smack than a feel, but oh well. Here are some pictures capturing the fun!

Daddy's scratchy face.

Isidora getting to feel.

Monitoring the shaving process.

Nice and smooth.

I love you, my Daddy.

PS: Yesterday, we made an offer on a house and today it was accepted! So, pending all the inspections, etc., we will be home owners! More details to come.

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