Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea party

Isidora loves her tea set, she plays with it almost daily, but this is usually simply carrying around one of the cups or spoons, etc. Recently, she has started to "sip" from the teacup and then give me a "sip" from the cup - this is just making a slurping noise while holding the cup to your mouth.

Yesterday, I decided to try to have a real tea party with Isidora. I filled up the tea pot with water and we sat down and drank some "tea" from the tea cups. It was so much fun!

Here I am pouring the "tea" while Izzie waits patiently (yeah, right).

Taking a nice drink from the tea cup.

Down the hatch!! I love how you can see how much she has spilled on her shirt, she did actually get a lot in her mouth, though!

It looks like we will be having tea parties more often :)

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