Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hot tub

Matt and I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. We have been packing almost every night and during Izzie's naptime we have either been doing even more packing or trying to sell off books at school or at a used book store. The other big thing we have been doing is research on stuff for the new house or actually going out to buy stuff for the new house. We were able to buy a washer and dryer on Thursday that we are pretty excited about! (More details to come at a later date.)

So, that is why this post is a little late in coming. Two weeks ago, Grant and Juanita decided to get the hot tub cleaned up so that Isidora could go swimming. When Isidora saw the water, she was sooo excited and kept saying, "Pea?" (please) and "Go?" Since the water had just been put in from the hose, the water was really really cold and it was going to take the hot tub heater quite a while to heat it up. But, instead of waiting patiently until the next day to go in the tub, Grant took a garden hose and hooked it up to the water heater in the basement and put about 50 or so gallons of hot water into the tub! (Grant was willing to wait patiently, of course, but Isidora was not, so Grant came up with the idea on how to heat it up.) It rose the temperature of the water enough so that we could go in, even if it was still on the cool side.

Isidora and I had a great time in the tub. She has loved being in the water since she was pretty little and she had a great time in her splash pool last year. At first she was pretty timid in the hot tub and sat on the highest ledge near the edge but eventually she built up enough courage to walk around the whole edge and let me hold her in the middle (the water was just high enough that she couldn't stand there). We even put her floaty toy in so that she could float on her own.

On to the pictures!

Juanita thought it would be fun to put some plastic eggs in to play with. Isidora had a great time playing with them and watching them float around. "Eee!" (egg). Here, she was still content to just sit at the edge.

In the floaty, kicking her legs.

Out of the floaty, learning to kick in the water.

Isidora had such a great time, we took her back over several times that week (it was still pretty warm out - around 80 F). Unfortunately, when we went the next day, the tub was way too hot and we had to dump some water out and put cold hose water back in - oh well. It was Daddy's turn to hang out with Isidora in the tub later that week:

Hanging out in the floaty with Daddy. This time the water was a little lower and Isidora could actually walk around the hot tub while she was in the floaty. She really enjoyed the freedom she had!

Playing with the toys on the floaty.

A downside of having the hot tub working again is that every time we go over to Grant and Juanita's now, Isidora is begging to go outside and to go in the tub. Sometimes we can entertain her with just being outside. Looks like we will be in the tub a lot this summer.

Bonus picture!

Here is Isidora in her splash pool last year - it was an inflatable open hippo mouth (kind of creepy). The canopy was great and did a great job protecting her from the sun. It also had a little fountain (where her hand is) that you would connect a hose to so it would spray water. This picture is from the first time she used it. She was 6 months old in the picture and was about a week away from being able to sit on her own. She had a great time in there!

On a side note, Isidora started saying a new word this morning - "sewoh" or sword to us. Claire had bought Matt a Prince Phillip sword for his birthday or Christmas a couple years ago and now Isidora loves to play with it. Today she told us what it is!


  1. I can't wait to see some pictures of your new place! Good luck with everything!!

  2. I can't wait to post pictures!! Thanks for the luck! We will need it!