Thursday, April 15, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

For the last several years, Matt's parents have shared season tickets to the Saint Louis Cardinals with three other families. Growing up, we only very occasionally went to sporting events, and I believe I had only ever been to one professional game (a Mariners game), before I started going to Cardinals games with Matt and his parents.

I love going to the baseball games, it is just a little bit more challenging with Isidora. Last year, she was still pretty young during the baseball season, and sitting through a 3+ hour game in the Saint Louis summer didn't work very well. So, after a point, we decided to leave her at home when we went to baseball games - usually this meant one of us stayed at home with her while the other went.

This year, the first tickets Matt's parents had was to a night game (7:15 pm start time). This did not bode well for Isidora as her bed time is 7 pm. But, we were unable to find someone to stay at our apartment with her so we decided to try to take her to see how she would do. Fortunately, Matt's parents' tickets are in the Redbird Club, which is a nice, air-conditioned part of the park with lots of seating, so Izzie and I could sit up there and she could run around rather than having to sit on my lap down in our seats. The Redbird Club is also where SLU held Match Day ceremonies.

For a first outing of the year, she did pretty well. She was definitely tired the entire time and I don't think we will be taking her to another night game. It was worth it, though. Matt and I have realized that since residency is starting in July, I won't be able to go to many (if any) games after I start, so I'd better go while I can. Also, the further we get into the season, the hotter it is going to get, and the less we will be willing to take Isidora.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the game:

At the Metrolink station waiting for a train.

At the stadium, playing in the Redbird club.

I thought it would be fun to compare this to her first game from last year (i.e. her first game ever).

This was from April 12th of last year. Notice how we are all bundled up? This is how we are usually dressed for April games, but for some reason, Saint Louis decided to skip spring this year and head straight into summer. I am not amused.

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