Sunday, April 25, 2010

Take me out to the ball game: part 2

Three days after saying that I didn't think we would be taking Isidora to another night ball game, we decided to take her to another night game. It was one of those situations where the tickets were going to go to waste if we didn't use them. So we packed up Isidora again and dragged her out to the game.

She did way better than the last game! We even got to sit in our seats for a whole inning! It was great! We also decided to leave after the fourth inning, which was a huge help for Izzie, as it wasn't as far past her bedtime as it was for the first game.

Sitting nicely on Nanny's lap, cheering for the Redbirds. "Go, go, go!"

What is in here?

Being silly, as usual. Can you believe it?

House update: Assuming everything continues to go as planned, we close in 8 days! And we are planning on moving the day after that. We have a good deal of our apartment packed up at this point and we are starting to run out of non-essential things to pack. Matt and I are both getting pretty excited!

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  1. Cute sweat outfit. She looks like a real fan!!!