Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why My Dad's Cooking Is Awesome, Reason #2381

We greatly enjoy the cooking at my parents' house. My dad has become a very good cook over the years and tends to do his best work on Sundays. Every once in a while I also enjoy taking pictures of his cooking because it looks so darn delicious.
Last Sunday provided just such an opportunity as we were hanging out at their house.

This particular meal centered around a roast recipe he knew of that involves bourbon. That alone is enough to get my salivary glands going, but the pictures really drive the point home. Also, he did the roast outside on the grill using a large cast "Dutch oven" type pot, which was just cool.
First we see the twin chuck roasts browning nicely on the grill. Quite aesthetically pleasing, wouldn't you say?

Next we take a gander at the pot situated on the grill. Because the pot has legs and wouldn't sit right on the surface of the grill, Dad just used a simple base for a potted plant pot to rest it on.

There aren't very many ingredients to this recipe. The bowl holds the liquid mixture that the meat will actually sit in while it roasts (the part that contains the bourbon, yum) and some cloves of garlic and lots and lots of onions also go in. Sometimes simple is better.

Everything into the pot. Now it looks like just a bunch of onions. Appearances can be deceiving. Let's check back in a little while...

Now that's more like it.

The roasting being finished, here we see the meat resting. Mmmm.

Finally, the components of the meal; the sliced roast, the bowls of sauce made from reducing the roasting liquid, some mashed potatoes, sauteed peppers (you can't see them, but trust me they're there) and carrots sauteed with butter. Add wine and people to eat it and this makes a heck of a meal.

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