Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turtle Park

Yesterday it was pretty warm in Saint Louis - I think it got up to 82 or so. Since it was so nice outside, but too hot for something like the zoo (well, not necessarily too hot, but too crowded), we decided to go to Turtle Park. Even though I have lived in Saint Louis for the past 4 years and have visited several times before then, I have not even been to Turtle Park, so it was a treat for both Izzie and me.

It was a pretty neat place to take Isidora. And, as a result, she now knows how to say, "turtle!" Really, its more like "too-too," only in whispers, but it is pretty cute nonetheless.

Here are Isidora and I sitting on one of the large turtles. Can't you imagine little kids having a great time climbing on these things? They are so neat. Turtle Park is actually right next door to Highway 40/64 (which is what you see in the background.)

Isidora sitting in the mouth of another one of the large turtles. She was pretty hesitant at first. I guess it is good that she doesn't like to sit in the mouth of large reptiles.


After swinging, we decided to sit in the shade and blow some bubbles ("buh-boh" in Isidora speak, another one of her new words.)

Isidora decided to give kisses to one of the baby turtles just hatching out of its egg. This little part of the park was really neat for Isidora. Because of Easter, Izzie knows what eggs are ("eee") and she already recognizes babies ("bee-bee"), so seeing baby turtles in eggs was an excellent opportunity to put some concepts together. I am not sure if one of us told her these were baby turtles, but she certainly understood what was going on! She would point to the eggs and say "eee," and point to the turtle and say "bee-bee" and "too-too." It was so fun.

PS: I found out today that I passed Step 2 CS! Even though things usually turn out just fine for me in situations like this, I always get sooo incredible nervous! This is a huge relief and I am so glad I don't have to worry about it anymore! Now to focus on the house - our inspection is tomorrow...

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